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What to do when there is a separation looming and your partner is hiding assets from you

Let's get this conversation started quickly, as it is not necessarily an easy one. When your marriage is not feeling as healthy as it used to be, it is normal to start thinking about your assets along with your partner’s. It is an important time for you to start thinking financially rather than emotionally.

There may be trust issues, mistruths, secret bank accounts, personal loans, excess spending and suspicious transactions. If you feel like this may be the case, it is ideal to start speaking with a trusted family lawyer who is experienced and thorough at looking at financial disclosure, debts and other financial records.

Information is power and the right lawyer will discover hidden assets and bring fairness during a separation and financial settlement. We are trained to dig deep to see if your spouse has deposited money into a child’s or family member's account and, we leave no stone unturned. We look at transactions closely to ascertain whether your partner has sold assets for cash, started up a new business, withdrawn large sums of money without justification or paid for debts or bills that simply do not exist. The list is often endless and your lawyer should strive to uncover any financial deceit from your partner.

Seeing a specialist family lawyer, such as Londi Gramelis and her experienced team at First Choice Family Lawyers in Beverly Hills, will allow you to make an informed decision about how much information is enough so that you feel comfortable making a decision to move forward. Londi has dealt with thousands of cases when it comes to financial settlements and what to do when you feel something is not quite right. We have clients come from Kingsgrove, Punchbowl, Hurstville, Sutherland and beyond, and provide our clients with reassurance. Speak with us today or call our friendly staff who will arrange a confidential consultation.

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