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What can you do if you are not happy with your parenting arrangements?

Whether you are recently separated, divorced, remarried or planning to remarry, your Parenting Orders or Parenting Plan need to be reviewed and reconsidered as children grow older and especially if there has been a significant change in your circumstances.

Parenting Orders and Parenting Plans may need to be changed due to many reasons – such as the children growing older, parents remarrying, relocating to another state or overseas or concerns for safety and health.

If a Parenting Plan or Court Orders no longer work for you, you might wish to consider inviting the other parent to engage in a private mediation with the assistance of a trusted and experienced lawyer such as Londi Gramelis and her team at First Choice Family Lawyers so that they can argue your case for you and re-negotiate new orders that work for you and your children without the need to resort to the often expensive task of going to Court to get your desired outcome.

Londi Gramelis and her reliable team at First Choice Family Lawyers find that mediations are often successful in assisting parents to come to their own agreement or changing the current arrangements set out in an existing Parenting Plan or Court Orders. If an agreement is reached between you during a mediation, First Choice Family Lawyers are able to draft Consent Orders or a new Parenting Plan at the mediation and have you and the other parent sign them so that the Orders can later be filed in Court or the new Parenting Plan can come into effect immediately.

It is handy to know that unless there are circumstances of urgency or there has been domestic violence, it is a requirement under the Family Law Rules that you engage in a mediation and make a genuine attempt to resolve your dispute amicably prior to commencing proceedings in the Federal Circuit & Family Court of Australia for parenting matters.

As experienced family lawyers who know the ‘ins and outs’ of Parenting Plans and Parenting Orders, we can help guide you to review the current arrangements to better suit your children's changing needs.

Londi Gramelis and her team at First Choice Family Lawyers help mother’s, father’s and even grandparents to achieve the best outcome for children.

Clients come from everywhere in NSW and Inter-state to seek guidance and representation from First Choice Family Lawyers because they take the time to listen and passionately fight for them. Speak to Londi and her team today via or call (02) 9579 5555 for a free 15 minute phone consultation so that we can understand the path you are heading towards.

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