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  • Londi Gramelis


Like many, the COVID-19 pandemic has everyone on edge.

With these fears in our minds, it is no wonder we feel a pressing need to get our estate affairs in order for that ‘just in case’ scenario. A Will is a legal document in which you direct how your assets and belongings will be distributed when you pass away, and to who you wish to benefit from your estate.

We are seeing people of all ages, races and genders, in ICU uncertain of their fate. If you pass away unexpectedly without a Will, your assets will be distributed according to a formula set by legislation, not in accordance with your wishes.

This is a sad reality for many Australians right across NSW and well over 60% of our community do not hold a valid Will. This means their assets are not protected. This also means heartache for their next of kin and loved ones. It means your loved ones will be financially responsible for your funeral expenses, which is a financial burden that should be paid from your estate.

The good news is, as a result of new legislation, lawyers are now able to remotely witness you executing your Will during the COVID-19 pandemic due to social distancing and lockdown restrictions. Whereas ordinarily under normal circumstances, a Will was required to be signed in the physical presence of two witnesses, who must then sign the same copy of the Will for it to be legally valid. brought in as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

First Choice Family Lawyers are currently able to witness Wills, Testamentary Trusts, Enduring Guardians and Enduring Power of Attorneys remotely, specifically via audio-video link and, we are here to help.

We make this process stress-free, customised specifically to meet your needs and with professional expertise.

Speak to Londi Gramelis and her friendly team at First Choice Family Lawyers, located in Beverly Hills. #wills #beverlyhills #covid

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