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“IT’S NOT FAIR!” What to do when you are left out of a Will

As experienced Family Lawyers, we know that most parents or spouses leave their Estates to their children and partners. When this doesn’t happen though, those that are affected are left wondering why.

Whilst it is 100% the right of your loved one to decide who inherits their assets after they’re gone, their final decisions can be surprising, often leaving you feeling hurt and rejected.

Thankfully, in Australia there are Laws that can protect you if you haven’t been left with what you are eligible to receive and we, at First Choice Family Lawyers located in Beverly Hills NSW, can help with that.

If you have been left out of a Will or not enough of the Estate has been left to you, there are a few simple steps you can take to help your situation. Whilst challenging a Will can feel like an intimidating task, particularly when you are grieving the death of your loved ones, it can actually be very straightforward.

One way to get through this process is that you can apply to the Court for a Family Provision Claim and Londi Gramelis, with over fifteen years of experience under her belt, can help you get the results you deserve. Londi and the team at First Choice Family Lawyers will consider all of your circumstances in determining the best courses of action and, will fight for what is fair. Keep in mind that in New South Wales, a claim for Family Provision must be filed WITHIN twelve months from the date of death of the deceased.

For most of our client’s, we are able to resolve Will disputes quickly and discreetly using Mediation to minimise the stress placed on you. Mediation is essentially a structured negotiation process and one that Londi Gramelis is very skilled in, being a skilled negotiator and an accredited mediator who approaches every case with a no-nonsense and practical approach. Simply put, we will do everything we can to put your strongest case forward and help you get what you truly deserve. If Mediation proves to be unsuccessful, we will confidentially and efficiently represent you in Court.

We have a dedicated Estate Litigation team that practices exclusively in this often complicated area so talk to us today to ensure that your matter is dealt with quickly and efficiently by a team who really cares.

Call us today for a no-obligation discussion about your case.

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