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How our firm is managing



As the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic continues to develop, we wish to assure our clients
that First Choice Family Lawyers are committed to the safety of our clients and patrons and that
we are well prepared and fully equipped for a range of possibilities.

Whilst, first and foremost, we believe it is important to remain level-headed during this trying
time, we are proactive in monitoring the Federal and State Health Departments’ bulletins and
implementing recommendations as to hygiene and other measures.


For the time being, our measures include:

1. Regularly disinfecting our office facilities and insisting on high standards of hygiene from staff.
2. Limiting travel and making use of on-line Court Registry facilities rather than attending
registries in person.
3. Requesting Courts to permit appearances by telephone or remotely.
4. Using tele-conferencing facilities where practicable to communicate with clients and third
parties and limiting in-person contact, particularly with anyone who has had exposure or
showing symptoms of illness.
5. Requesting our staff to exercise social distancing outside of work hours and to avoid
large gatherings where practicable.

Not only is the safety of our staff and clients of the highest priority to us, but we wish to assure
our clients that we stand ready to continue to be of service to you during this difficult time and
that we have a Business Continuation Plan in place to ensure continuity of service and minimise
as much as possible the impact of the pandemic on the provision of legal services by our firm.

We have been working closely with our IT partners and this includes, if necessary and should
circumstances require it, our team working remotely with full access to our office systems.

If you are an existing client and have any queries or concerns, or if you are a new or prospective
client who is in need of legal advice or services, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly
staff who are more than happy to assist on (02) 9579 5555.

This post is to advise clients of certain measures that we are implementing in light of the
Coronavirus for the protection of clients and our staff.

For the next week or so, all conferences will be by telephone rather than in person.
If you already have a conference scheduled with us this week, the conference will occur at the
same time as has been previously scheduled, but will be initiated by us telephoning you on your
mobile phone at the designated time.
If there is a different number that you would like us to call you on, please let us know. If there is
more than one participant on your end, please ensure that the device we call you on has a
loudspeaker function.

Please also make sure you have in front of you any relevant documents that might be referred to
during the telephone conference and that you are in a quiet place with some privacy.
Apart from this measure, our firm will be operating as usual and we thank you for your

If you are a new client or have an enquiry, please feel free to call us on (02) 9579 5555 to speak
with one of our team of friendly staff.
We look forward to being of service to you.

First Choice Family Lawyers

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